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Opening code December 7, 2007

Posted by xenator in Code.
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Key Solutions continue opening code for developers. We are move to open repository a lot of products last week. This is only Skin plugins:

  • ks.hivurtskin.consultfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.event
  • ks.hivurtskin.eventfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.fieldfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.formfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.ksfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.news
  • ks.hivurtskin.newsfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.partition
  • ks.hivurtskin.productfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.projectfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.site
  • ks.hivurtskin.technologyfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.textdocument

Only some parts are still in closed repository.

Second big step is put python eggs to PyPI. This is how Cheeseshop  looks like next morning after code sharing: 

 Key Solutions Releases on PYPI

 Wait, next big release this weekend.