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Opening code December 7, 2007

Posted by xenator in Code.
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Key Solutions continue opening code for developers. We are move to open repository a lot of products last week. This is only Skin plugins:

  • ks.hivurtskin.consultfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.event
  • ks.hivurtskin.eventfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.fieldfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.formfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.ksfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.news
  • ks.hivurtskin.newsfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.partition
  • ks.hivurtskin.productfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.projectfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.site
  • ks.hivurtskin.technologyfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.textdocument

Only some parts are still in closed repository.

Second big step is put python eggs to PyPI. This is how Cheeseshop  looks like next morning after code sharing: 

 Key Solutions Releases on PYPI

 Wait, next big release this weekend.


Hivurt in Japanese November 9, 2007

Posted by xenator in i18n.
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Hivurt in JapaneseHivurt is based on Zope3, so it’s have out of the box support of i18n. On screenshot UI automatically translated to Japanese with fallback translation to English (for some messages not yet translated).  Content, of cause, in language preferred by editor.On next screenshot you see labels in places of templates as translation domain and message string. Hivurt with translation labels