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Numba vs Cython: How to Choose April 27, 2015

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Opening code December 7, 2007

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Key Solutions continue opening code for developers. We are move to open repository a lot of products last week. This is only Skin plugins:

  • ks.hivurtskin.consultfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.event
  • ks.hivurtskin.eventfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.fieldfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.formfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.ksfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.news
  • ks.hivurtskin.newsfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.partition
  • ks.hivurtskin.productfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.projectfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.site
  • ks.hivurtskin.technologyfolder
  • ks.hivurtskin.textdocument

Only some parts are still in closed repository.

Second big step is put python eggs to PyPI. This is how Cheeseshop  looks like next morning after code sharing: 

 Key Solutions Releases on PYPI

 Wait, next big release this weekend.

Python developer working space on Mac OS X November 25, 2007

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50% of developer’s success is IDE. We as open source citizens using open source products for developing and deploying, and most of us using Eclipse as primary Python IDE. May be you choose to switch it after this article.

How to setup your working environment 

There is only 5 easy steps to be happy with amazing Python development process. 

Install MacPorts 

As python developer you need python. Let system use system python, we need developer’s python for development. Go to MacPorts download area and grab latest version (something like MacPorts-1.5.0-10.4.dmg). Then install it.

Install python and Postgres

Now open Terminal and run:

$sudo port install python24 py-readline py-pil postgresql82 postgresql82-server subversion psycopg

And follow instructions, Postgres need your attentions! Personally for me I’m adding to this list:

$sudo port install iTerm joe mc

iTerm – better than Terminal.app, joe – good console editor (useful if you need quick edit some system files), and mc – console file manager saving some more time on regular files operations. Now, you have python and postgres.

Install Eclipse and extensions

Open Eclipse.org/downloads in your browser. I’m download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers because it contain some of extensions that I need. Run Eclipse and open `Help/Software Update/Find and Install` menu. Then add this repositories to list:

Check box near Europa Discovery Site and press Finish button. Then select extensions for Eclipse 3.3 from new repositories. And add this items from Europa list:

  • Graphical Editing Framework
  • Graphical Modeling Framework
  • Web Standard Tools
  • Object Constraint Language
  • UML 2 End User Features
  • UML 2 Tools
  • XML Schema Infoset Model (XSD) Extender SDK
  • Eclipse XML Editors and Tools 

Don’t forget press “Select Required” before press “Next>” and complete install wizard. Close and open again Eclipse (sometimes “Restart” not working properly) 

Configure Eclipse and extensions

 There is only two thing I need to say you.

  • First is error in SVN options (Eclipse menu/Preferences, Team/SVN), you need to select SVNKit as SVN Interface
  •  Second go to Pydev/Interpreter Python, press New… and find `/opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.4/bin/python2.4` then press Apply

Install Zope

Last step: It depends on what Zope version you want to use.

  • If you use Zope 3.3, then get Zope-3.3.0.tgz , unpack and read INSTALL.txt
  • Zope 3.4 based on egg python distributions. Use this instructions to install it.


Now you are ready for Hivurt Revolution

Hivurt release 0.1.4 November 25, 2007

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We are release update release. Changes:

  • Updated License information
  • Added support to restrict addable content types inside folders
  • Max width for editor UI
  • updated INSTALL.en.txt (thx to Christophe Combelles) 


Hivurt public release 0.1.3pre-alfa November 23, 2007

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Key Solutions (http://keysolutions.ru/) and Hivurt team (http://hivurt.org/) proud to announce first public release of our Zope3-based content management system.

Hivurt giving you strength of Zope 3 in easy to use environment.


This is release aimed for developers and everybody who love new cool products, we want take first feedback from community and looking for new members.


What you get:


  – Component architect

  – Easy switch between ZODB and Postgres data storage

  – Search and indexes

  – Easy editor UI (sorry we cut off some functionality, so there is still some dead links)

  – Easy frontend skin

  – L10n and i18n support, as in Zope 3


What’s inside:

  – Pluggable Content Types and content types registry

  – Base conent types:

    – Folder

    – TextDocument

    – News Item

    – NewsFolder

    – Event

    – Event Folder

    – Site Folder

    – Form keeper, for quick and easy Feedback forms and quizes

  – Interface switcher, to easy switch interfaces provided by objects (we use it for quick skin switching)

  – Revolutionary SQLTools giving you freedom choose between ZODB and RDBMS, so you can easy integrate Hivurt in your company with existent infrastructure. Easy way to interact with existence data stored inside RDBMS as Zope objects (it is not only RDB Mapper)

  – Quick search and index

  – and many other features

  – Hivurt is fast, quick growing and supported.


Requirements (You need to have before installing Hivurt)


  * Zope 3.3.x (3.4.x untested)

  * PostgreSQL 8.2

  * Python 2.4.4 with psycopg2 and json libs

  * Tested on Mac OS X and Linux (Ubunty and ALTLiniux)


Hivurt released under **ZPL**.


You can download it:


– Release 0.1.3 http://hivurt.org/downloads/ks.hivurtcms-0.1.3.tar.gz


Include 10 minutes Install tutorial and demo site inside.




– Project home-page – http://hivurt.org/

– Blog – https://hivurt.wordpress.com/ (ok! we switch to something soon)

– Bugs and translations – https://launchpad.net/hivurt/


P.S. Wow! We made it.

First responses and questions November 10, 2007

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Today is good day, because we have first responses. Nate Aune from Boston post first review based on impressions from Stephan Richter. I need to answer for some questions:

  • Hivurt UI visual style have some ideas from Plone, that is right the same way as Zope 3 Rotterdam skin based on Plone UI. We are very good know Plone and using it from version 0.9
  • License is ZPL, but in our subversion repository still some GPL code. I think we move Hivurt to another place some day to open repository for commits from community, and it will be Google Code (may be you have better ideas?)
  • Hivurt is based on Zope 3, also it use Postgres
  • Sportbox is partially based on Hivurt, and have a lot of closed source code
  • Now we translating code and making a pre-alfa public based only on open source code
  • Hivurt isn’t Plone clone on Zope 3, we have own way
  • Alfa version include only basic stuff for making simple sites. We want to release Hivurt as soon as possible, and we are ready to cut some features 
  • Hivurt home page is http://hivurt.org/ (it is almost empty now)

Thanks for your questions and responses. 

Hivurt in Japanese November 9, 2007

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Hivurt in JapaneseHivurt is based on Zope3, so it’s have out of the box support of i18n. On screenshot UI automatically translated to Japanese with fallback translation to English (for some messages not yet translated).  Content, of cause, in language preferred by editor.On next screenshot you see labels in places of templates as translation domain and message string. Hivurt with translation labels