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Numba vs Cython: How to Choose April 27, 2015

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Climate Science & Engineering

My name is Stephan, and I’m a scientist on the Climatology team at The Climate Corporation. We make extensive use of Python to build statistical weather models, and sometimes we need our code to be fast. Here’s how I choose between Numba and Cython, two of the best options for accelerating numeric Python code.

Most of the time, libraries like NumPy, SciPy and pandas, whose critical loops are already written in a compiled language like C, are enough fast scientific Python code. Unfortunately, sometimes you need to write your own loop in performance critical paths of your code, and also unfortunately, loops in Python are painfully slow. This is where Numba and Cython come in: they both promise the ability to write the inner loop of your code in something that looks a lot like normal Python, but that runs about as fast as handwritten C.


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