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First responses and questions November 10, 2007

Posted by xenator in Code, Marketing.
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Today is good day, because we have first responses. Nate Aune from Boston post first review based on impressions from Stephan Richter. I need to answer for some questions:

  • Hivurt UI visual style have some ideas from Plone, that is right the same way as Zope 3 Rotterdam skin based on Plone UI. We are very good know Plone and using it from version 0.9
  • License is ZPL, but in our subversion repository still some GPL code. I think we move Hivurt to another place some day to open repository for commits from community, and it will be Google Code (may be you have better ideas?)
  • Hivurt is based on Zope 3, also it use Postgres
  • Sportbox is partially based on Hivurt, and have a lot of closed source code
  • Now we translating code and making a pre-alfa public based only on open source code
  • Hivurt isn’t Plone clone on Zope 3, we have own way
  • Alfa version include only basic stuff for making simple sites. We want to release Hivurt as soon as possible, and we are ready to cut some features 
  • Hivurt home page is http://hivurt.org/ (it is almost empty now)

Thanks for your questions and responses.